A New Fishing Season

Congratulations to one and all fly fishers – We made it to the start of another fly-fishing season. I was in Massachusetts last week and the snow was mostly gone and the rivers looked somewhat fishable. Not so much in Maine, where most waters are still locked up tight with snow and ice. The snow is melting quickly though as are the south-facing edges of ponds and lakes. It won’t be long until fishing options expand exponentially.

Let me update you on some news….

I was at the Maine Sportsman’s Booth yesterday (Friday) and at the Sebago Lake Trout Unlimited Event last Saturday, so I was able to catch up with some of you, which is always fun.

I will be presenting “Advanced Tactics and Strategies for Difficult and Pressured Trout” on April 12th for the Nashua Flycasters Association.

It was a difficult decision but I have decided to stop guiding for the foreseeable future. After 16 years, I am ready to concentrate on other aspects of fly fishing. I may still guide informally (without pay) for charity or other reasons but for those of you who want to hire me as a paid guide, sorry but I will not be available. I will, however, be assisting folks who are interested with their fishing plans, get them connected with good guides, and even sometimes meet them for breakfast the night before or morning of their excursions, so you can still leverage my expertise and knowledge of the New England area. It won’t cost you anything (lodging and guides pay me a finders fee}. So contact me if you are interested I’m me helping you. I enjoy helping people have successful trips.

My first book, ” Flyfishing Northern New England’s Seasons” is sold out of it’s 3rd printing so it will be a while until it is back in stock. I am making some updates to it so if you don’t have this book yet, I am excited to be able to offer an updated version soon.

Finally, I have been remiss in posting a number of cool videos on this site and on YouTube, so look in the not to distant future for more videos. Happy fishing season.


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