I will always have spare equipment and plenty of flies but if you need to purchase anything, I heartily recommend the Rangeley Sport Shop. Brett, the owner, has guided in the area for many years and has a good variety of products at reasonable prices. He also sells many flies developed for the Rangeley area tied by himself or other local tiers. Their website is

Spring/Fall Equipment/Clothing List


Long underwear (not cotton)
Fleece outerwear
Raingear with hood
Lightweight fishing gloves
Bug protection (after May 15) I recommend highly “The original bug shirt” see
Hat or baseball cap

Waders with boots (spikes not required)
4, 5, or 6 weight fly rod (your choice)
fly-fishing vest, fanny pack or chest pack or the equivalent
reel or spool with floating line
reel or spool with sink tip or full sink line
3X, 4X, 5X leaders and/or tippet
Strike indicators and split shot (or other weights)
Bug spray and sun screen
small net with rubber mesh
dry fly floatant
forceps (to remove hook)
pliers (to pinch down barbs)
first aid kit


Streamers: marabou black ghost, gray ghost, wood special, wooly bugger, micky finn, and muddler minnow (small)
Dries: (sizes 12-18) parachute adams, hornberg, royal wulff, elk hair caddis, dark hendrickson, red or yellow humpy, midge imitations.
Nymphs: (size 14-20) bead head pheasant tails and hares ears (in black, brown, and green), and copper johns (in green or red)