Name that Location Contest

In February, I posted two photographs as part of a “Name that location” contest (scroll down to see them). The winner of the contest was John Carlton who correctly identified the photos as Profile Lake in New Hampshire and the White River in Vermont. Both great locations to fish and described in detail in my new book. John will receive several soft-hackle marabou Gray Ghosts tied by yours truly.

It is time for another contest so whoever first correctly identifies the river in this photo will receive a free copy of my book hand signed by me. I will give you two hints – this is a warm water fishery and not in Maine. Good luck.



Let me update folks on several things…

First, I will be giving presentations at the Maine Sportsman Show in Augusta on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, April 1, 2 and 3. Check the schedule on their website. Friday and Saturday my presentation will be “20 Great Fly Fishing Locales that You haven’t Heard of.” Sunday’s presentation will be “Tactics and Locations to Catch Trophy Brook Trout.” I will also be at the Maine Sportsman’s booth Sunday morning and probably other times as well.

Second, I will also be at the Sebago Lake Trout Unlimited Conservation Event/Dinner/Auction on Saturday, April 2 from 4:30 pm. or so on. I will be signing books and wandering around.

Third, let me update you on my books. My first book, “Flyfishing Northern New England’s Seasons,” has been sold out just about everywhere, but the 3rd printing is arriving this week, and will be shipping to stores that have run out. I will have some to sell directly as well and anyone who attended recent talks of mine when they were not available can contact me and I will ship them out to you. My new book, “Fly Fisher’s Guide to New England,” a where-to-go book goes to the printer this week, will be available in Kindle version the week after that, and in the stores to buy in early May. This book is the reason why I have not been seen around much recently. It was an unbelievable amount of work: 4 states, 369 pages of 8 by 11 format, 80 maps, 400 photographs, over 1000 waters described, hatch charts, 100 vacation suggestions, 100 beginner and easy-access suggestions, and a dozen fly patterns. Just the Table of Contents and Indexes are over 10 double column pages. I have been spending some long days doing the final editing, and I  look forward to receiving feedback from readers.

Fourth, The April Issue of the Maine Sportsman is well worth buying. I supplied the cover and this is the issue with the fish stocking section. But also fun is some of the April Fools articles and columns – look for them.

Spring Ice Out for Rangeley

An increasing number of people are now contacting me asking about my projections for Rangeley ice-out and trying to schedule fishing trips. Here is what I know….or think I know…

  1. Ice is already out in most of New England and already up to central Maine. For most places it is the earliest ever. When I find some relevant articles, I will post links. Ice in more northern Maine locales is still frozen solid and this week ushered in colder weather with snow and night time temps in the teens. If you look at webcams from Moosehead Lake or Bosebuck Camps you can check the status of the ice.
  2. The long-term outlook is for average or below average temps for early April. This may delay ice out and water warm up. However, I am still think ice out will be in mid-April in Rangeley and threaten the all-time record set several years ago. Snow is about gone so the ground will warm up fast and that will raise the ground water temperature.
  3. What does this mean for the fishing? Maine opened the season last week so it means that it is now legal to fish everywhere. I know people are catching trout in small streams. Smelt will run early, once the lake temperatures rise into the low 40’s. Last time the ice went out in mid-April, it took a number of weeks before the smelt ran. But smelt, suckers, black-nose dace, shad, stripers, etc. will all migrate or spawn several weeks early at least.
  4. Hatches will be early as well but not ridiculously so because the maturation of insects is based on cumulative degree-days of the water over the year. But since water temps have been much warmer than normal since basically last summer, I anticipate early hatches, certainly by a week or two.
  5. Sporting Camps such as Grants are opening up earlier than usual.
  6. Lakes and Ponds that are stocked heavily for the ice-fishing crowd will have plenty of fish to be caught in early spring because the ice-fishing season was so short or non-existent, so try places like Crystal Lake in Gray, Maine. Just to name one.

Links and Schedules and More

This post contains many announcements so here it goes…

In the last few years, many of us have gotten in the habit of reading a few favorite blogs or visiting several websites regularly. Let me suggest several options to check out.

  1. is a website with essays from travelers and nature explorers. The writing and photography is spectacular and the subject matter interesting. One of the most recent posts is about a Great Blue Heron trying to eat a shark (I won’t give away the plot twist). It is a fun site, check it out.
  2. is the source for Rangeley area fly-fishing information, equipment, and flies tied right on the premises.
  3. is the source of information and supplies for the entire state of Massachusetts and beyond. The owner, Charlie is always willing to do what he can to enrich your fly fishing experience.
  4. is an e-magazine about birding. Most fly fishers are also birders, and If you are, you will enjoy this website. Look for the contributions from my daughter, Erika.
  5. My friend Dave Van Wie and his Dartmouth buddies are about to release a book about the Dartmouth Grant that I recommend, by the title of “The Confluence” with an introduction written by yours truly. To find out more go to this link, .

Let me list some upcoming presentations that I am giving in case you are interested and find yourself in the area.

  1. Trout Unlimited, Ammonoosuc Chapter 554, January 14. Presentation is highlights from my book, “Fly Fishing Northern New England’s seasons.
  2. Trout Unlimited, Georges River Chapter, March 14, 2016. It is my “How to Catch Trophy Brook Trout presentation.
  3. The Flyfishing Show in Marlboro, January 22, 23, and 24..