Where to fish

Kennebago Region
The Kennebago Watershed offers an amazing variety of water to fish. The Upper Kennebago, above and below Little Kennebago Lake features small stream fishing by wading or float tube for native brook trout with larger fish possible as they move in from the lakes in the spring and fall. Little Kennebago Lake and Flat Iron Pond offer secluded pond fishing (no motorized boats allowed). Kennebago Lake offers five miles of fishing for large populations of brook trout and salmon as well as the occasional large brown trout. We fish from stable, flat-bottomed “Rangeley Boats” which make excellent fly fishing platforms. The Lower Kennebago River from its beginning at the Kennebago Dam all the way down to the famous Steep Bank Pool offers classic riffle, run, and pool fishing (there are 23 named pools depending on who is counting them) for Landlocks and Brook Trout

Magalloway Watershed
The different branches of the Magalloway from its headwaters near the Canadian border to it terminus into Lake Umbagog offer a staggering variety of fishing – from small stream fishing to small native brook trout, to classis pool and run river fishing, to inlet and outlet fishing for large trout and salmon as they move in and out of Parmachenee Lake, Azischos Lake. Regardless of the season or weather, some part of the Magalloway is always fishing well.

Rapid River
The Rapid River continues to be one of the premier trophy rivers in the Northeast with brook trout up to four pounds possible and numerous salmon as well. There is good fishing throughout – from the tail waters by the dam, to the faster pocket water, to long pools, to “the pond in the river”. The river is managed under strict fly fishing-only regulations with anglers practicing catch and release.