Flyfishing Videos

2016 Season

Late November Steelheading in Upstate New York

September trout in Trout Canyon: Rangeley, Maine

2014 Season

Spawning brook trout videos

Video 2

Video 3

2013 Season

Landing a Salmon on the Magolloway River

Double Brook trout on the Kennebago

2012 Season

Fishing the Caddis Hatch on the Kennebago River

Flyfishing a caddis hatch on the Kennebago River. Catching salmon on small dry flies with downstream slack line and active presentations. Nymphing during a hatch to catch bigger fish. An introduction to a few of Kennebago’s famous pools..

Fishing the Presumpscot River

Big browns and fall brookies were caught during late October outing at southern Maine hotspot.

Fishing the Smelt Run on the Magalloway

Since I had no guiding clients that day, my friend and I decided to fish the smelt run on the Magalloway River. It was a good afternoon with around twenty salmon and brook trout caught between 2 and 4 pounds.

Guiding on the Rapid River, Western Maine

Lou Zambello of Mainelyflyfishing, guiding a client, Mike, on the Rapid River in late June – both wading and from a drift boat.

Videos from the 2011 Season

Guiding on the Couer d’Alene River, Idaho

Guiding on the Coeur d’Alene River during July 2011. Videos taken with the “fishing glasses cam”. Guide is Lou Zambello from We take eastern fly fishers out west every year to fish for wild cutthroat.

First land-locked salmon

First Landlocked Salmon this guy ever caught. Notice the other fish rising in the background as he fights the fish. This video is from a hatcam so you notice as I guide I am constantly checking the rod tip, his hands on the reel, and the fish to ensure he doesn’t make a mistake that loses him the fish. Lou Zambello as guide. Accomodations – Bosebuck Camps.

Guiding the Little Kennebago and Kennebago Lake

A compilation of video from guiding on Kennebago River,

LIttle Kennebago River, and Kennebago Lake. Guide Lou Zambello .

Guiding the Magalloway River

Guiding on the upper and lower Magalloway in the Spring. Fishing
the smelt run, sucker spawn,
 and the early hatches. Lou Zambello Guide. Upper Magalloway fished
from Bosebuck Camps.