Mid-September Update

Hi Folks,

I thought I would give an update on fly-fishing conditions. Although we have had a few rain storms in September, rivers are dropping again. Very few smaller resident trout or salmon are around –they must of run into the lakes when the water got so low and warm in August. A few larger trout and salmon have moved into the rivers, but with water temps still in the mid 60’s or warmer, most fish haven’t moved yet. We still need more cold nights and rain to really start things going.

I have guided and fished with a few friends on the Kennebago River several times in  the last week and we have run into small schools of fresh salmon here and there – one morning we did  hook a half dozen or so nymphing.

I also caught a few beautiful trout in the Little Kennebago River. I also fished the upper Magalloway last week and found a few nice fish here and there. I watched a huge salmon cavort around one of the larger pools that looked to be around 5 pounds, but of course I couldn’t interest him.

I have heard that fresh fish moved into the Magalloway below the dam last week and anglers enjoyed dry fly action with the new arrivals.

In other news, I have made the decision to take a year off from guiding in 2017. I want to concentrate on promoting my latest book, and do some more writing. Also to recharge my batteries a little, lose some weight, and protect my knees. I would also like to explore a little and find new “secret” fishing spots. Some of my favorite guiding spots are now not as accessible, or more crowded, or aren’t fishing as well with the recent years of warmer and drier autumns. At the end of next year, I will decide about 2018.

Please continue to contact me, I will give you advice on where to go, and I have guides to recommend across New England. I probably will end up guiding some – if another guide needs help or someone intriguing comes along. And I will probably do some free guiding to raise money for fly fishing organizations, or give a few lessons, or participate in programs to introduce new women and kids into the sport – so my guess is that I won’t be out of it entirely – but days will be drastically reduced.

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