Video: Low Water Provides Clear View of Spawning Brook Trout

Brook trout videos from 2014 spawn in western Maine

My wife and I were in the Rangeley area during the middle of October and because of the continued lack of rain, rivers were very low and clear, which gave us a great opportunity to do some filming when we came across a school of spawning brook trout.
My wife had the camera and a tripod but not a polarizing filter so it was a bit of a battle with glare as the sun ducked in and out of clouds. She spent several hours videoing and taking photos.
I have not done a lot of editing so most of these videos are in real time. You can see the males defending territory and females digging redds or laying eggs and covering them up after the males fertilize them.
Most of the brook trout in the video are from twelve to twenty inches long and up to three pounds although they look thinner because the photos are taken from above.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3